DT Swiss make some of the finest hubs on the market. Their hubs are routinely given great reviews, and many of the largest manufacturers use them. You’ll see them where ever you go as their reliability has led to them being highly popular. It was only natural then that we would offer them on our equally high-quality FL and Aero series carbon fiber disc wheels.

Our FL series wheels were one of our bestselling products of 2018. This is because they mix high-end features and quality while still being affordable. The series comes with a wide blunt aero rim that is constructed from the finest Toray T700 carbon fiber.

T700 allows us to deliver you a very stiff rim, a rim that will not deflect and lose your energy. We have been told by customer feedback that they find the rim to be super stable and when they fit our wheels to their bike it feels like the bike is planted to the ground.

We then took this high-quality FL rim and put it on a diet. We wanted to keep all the same features as could be found on the FL series but wanted our new Aero series to be lighter. We spent a long time looking at carbon fiber layups, and in the end, we have used a mix of Toray T700 and T800 to bring you a wheelset that is on average 100g lighter than the FL series.

As well as being super stable we have made sure the rim is tubeless ready. Tubeless ready rims work great with disc brakes, as once you set them up tubeless and drop some PSI, you’ll find that you stop almost immediately.

We lace these wheels with the light and strong Sapim CX-Ray spokes, the perfect complement to our FL rim, and allow you to choose whether you have a DT Swiss 350S or 240S disc hubset fitted. This is then rounded off with our great two-year guarantee on all of our wheelsets.

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